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The Cap Pack - Mint Flavored

The Cap Pack - Mint Flavored

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This is a mint-flavored Cap Pack, which contains two replaceable caps for the CAPNOS® Zero or E-Z (Starter Pack purchase required for use with Cap Packs).

Each Cap Pack contains a FlavorVial that allows you to control how much lavender flavor you'd like. Caps will not have flavoring until you add in drops. 

No propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG); flavors are natural

Simply twist the top off, start with two (2) drops of extract per wick for 2-4 weeks of flavor, and add more for more flavor! The FlavorVial is filled about halfway, allowing for months of use, with each Cap to be replaced for freshness. 

Every cap is sealed to ensure that you are receiving an unopened cap. 

If you have any questions about our flavors, please don't hesitate to refer to our blog post for further details.

We also recommend viewing our refund policy before completing a purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Just the right hit!

I'm truly struggling to quit my lifelong nicotine addiction so that I can get reconstructive breast surgery after battling breast cancer. It's shameful for me to admit to my addiction after struggling to stay alive and admittedly, the more challenging battle is overcoming nicotine. I don't know if there's another person out there who can attest to the same. CAPNOS is helping me to fight the cravings and prolong my desire to light up. I know I need more help and determination, but CAPNOS is certainly my go to aid and I recommend it highly.

Rubie defreese
Love them

I love the lavender one but I cannot seem to find a replacement of the lavender pack. It was emailed to me and “page not found” popped up

Great product!

I love the oil flavors, the mint and especially the lavender, are my favorite. I see they have an orange one out that also sounds really good. It’s not too strong but not too light, just the perfect hint of flavor that you would want from your typical vape. I would definitely recommend getting flavored oil along with your capnos zero or ez.

Adam Sensiba
Exactly what I needed

This product has made quitting smoking and vaping so much easier and more tolerable. I’ve tried to quit in the past and couldn’t get over the lack of oval stimulation when I tried in the past, thanks to this when I decided to quit recently it’s given me the oral stimulation I was missing without any nicotine. its really simple and works really well but if you’re used to hitting juuls and elf bars you might want the EZ model. Thanks to this I’ll hopefully never pick up another vape or cigarette again.


I love capnos!