Take the CAPNOS ZERO with you anywhere life takes you!

What is the CAPNOS Zero?

Zero Smoke. Zero Nicotine. Zero Charge.

The CAPNOS Zero is not a vape.

We cannot stress this enough. Please do not buy a Zero if you want lots of stuff in your lungs... It's in the name, people.

Though it is designed to resemble a vape, the Zero does not vaporize anything. You won't get clouds, a buzz, or any kind of nicotine-infused substance in your body.

What will you get from hitting a Zero? A satisfying 'pop', a parallel outlet for oral fixations, and a deep hit sensation with fresh flavor that is not being electrically heated.

The Zero is unlike any other products on the market. Our aim is to create something that will allow you to take control of your own behavior, not get addicted (like regular vapes do). We aim to achieve this by giving you a tool that satisfies, without known physically addictive components. 

Our metrics are geared towards customer satisfaction and ability to successfully quit; we are advocates for behavior elimination. Basically, we want you to achieve your goals.

Why the Zero?


The Zero employs a patent-pending design to pressurize the surrounding air for a deep-hit and flavor it as it passes through the cap. When you pull the Zero hard enough, the pressure triggers open the valve for a satisfying deep-hit and a distinct popping sound. The whole point is that it provides a similar pull to vaping, but of course, without any heating element nor harmful elements. 

Technically, it is waterproof, but you would likely need a new cap if you took that part for a swim.

The CAPNOS Collection. Everything you need to quit vaping.

What Other Customers are Saying

Don't believe us? I don't blame you- we made the Zero, so of course we want people to try it.

Hear directly from some of our customers who now had a chance to try the Zero:

"As a decade-long cig/vape smoker, this product is assuredly satisfying and does what it says."

"This product was the first quit method to curb my cravings and usage when I was driving!"

"The flavor is impeccable! I have found it helps me on my "off" days for managing ADHD symptoms. I look forward to new flavors!" 

"What a breath of fresh air." 

Let's Put a Cap on Vaping

We want to give everyone who wants to quit or reduce their vaping the best possible chance of doing so. Though we can't guarantee results, we can bet that you've never tried anything like this before. 

For those of you who are ready to take the next step in your quitting journey, but just needed a little push or a sign, this is your sign right here.

Sign, "This is a good sign"

We are with you and hope to help however we can. Please always feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to suggest more features that matter to you!

No cap, the Zero is here to stay. Get yours now, right here, today.

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