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A Holistic Guide to Quitting Vaping

We aim to play an integral role in solving the problem of vaping addiction.

We strive to help people through their quitting journey by providing useful content and sharing stories from others who have successfully quit for inspiration.

We also believe education is fundamental to quitting success, so we gathered some tips and info!

In addition to education, using real, physical tools can help, which is why we created the CAPNOS Zero®.

5 Tips for Handling Nicotine Withdrawal

Some people who are trying to quit nicotine end up rapidly craving it when they see someone else smoking, or have cigarette scents lingering in their clothes or furniture. CAPNOS provides substitutes to help you fight cravings. Nothing comes into your lungs other than the air you already breathe, with essential oils to stimulate the desire for taste and smell. 

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The FDA’s Ban on JUUL: How this Affects Everyday People and Youth

The FDA aims to support public health, but placing a ban alone won't have a significant impact on everyday people. It might actually have an adverse intended effect, as we've seen throughout history. The fear-mongering tactics and messaging used by the FDA needs to be revamped, and there is the potential to create real, impactful change through education, community, and behavioral treatment.

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Official CAPNOS® Zero Starter Pack Unboxing Video

Please watch this video if you have questions or concerns regarding your CAPNOS® Zero or the Flavor Tube inside the pack!

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A Day in the Life: Vaping

A short clip highlighting the struggles of vaping addiction.

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How to Use Your CAPNOS® Zero with Unboxing and Instructions

Hit, Pop, Smile!™ If you aren't achieving the pop, nor the smile, then this post can help you discover how to best utilize the CAPNOS Zero® to achieve the most satisfying experience.  Give it a read here!  

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5 Tips for Curbing Vape Cravings on a Plane

Wanting to read about some hot tips to curb vape cravings on a plane? Click now and we've got you!

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Addiction: Behavioral vs Physical

According to Mayo Clinic, only about 5% of smokers quit without the help of a quit-smoking product where the success rate with one is significantly higher, especially when combined with therapy or other motivational aids.

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The Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Yes, we get it, everyone breathes. However, the kind of breathing that relieves stress is different than the kind that allows you to sustain life...

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Feel free to reach out for support or input on future posts. We are here to help you along your journey however we can.