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Legura Flavor Pack - Yukamint 4 Pack

Legura Flavor Pack - Yukamint 4 Pack

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The Yukamint Flavor Pack provides a familiar, icy mint freshness as our most popular flavor. This flavor is the cool and collected person, ready for any expedition. Each Flavor Pack contains four (4) wicks, producing one month of flavor use (results may vary) for the low cost of $7.99.

We recommend bundling to save costs on shipping as we offer free shipping on orders over $60 in the USA.

We also recommend blank wicks ($3.99) for the freedom to create your own flavor mixes. Share your mix with our Facebook community, CAPNOS Club, or tag us on socials @mycapnos, and we might recreate the most popular flavors posted!

For our full release on flavor safety, please reference our flavor guide.

Yukamint ingredients are sourced with these natural extracts soaked per wick:

  • 0.7g Eucalyptus Extract
  • 0.5g Peppermint Extract
  • 0.1g Vanilla Extract

The Flavor Packs are only compatible with the CAPNOS Legura, not the Zero or E-Z.

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