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10 Tips to Help You Quit Vaping

It’s no secret that quitting vaping isn’t easy.

I started vaping at the age of 14 and didn’t quit until I was 20.

How did I quit?

Through a combination of multiple techniques and perseverance.

I don’t think I ever felt the physiological addiction of nicotine. The behavioral addiction to the habit of using a vape is what was more pronounced with me.

To combat this, I vowed to stop buying vapes and kept a fidget spinner in my pocket. Instead of pulling out my vape to take a few hits, I’d pull out a fidget spinner and give it a few spins. I also chewed sunflower seeds and gum and sucked on flavored toothpicks to replace the feeling of having a vape in my mouth.

However, what worked for me may or may not work for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to quitting vaping. Below are some of the top tips and tricks we’ve gathered from across the internet and talking to others that have successfully quit.

  1. Understanding your Why

What are the parts that you feel you enjoy about vaping or would miss if you quit? Is it the buzz you get? The habit of “hitting something”? The “act” of vaping and security of the device? Discover what aspect you’re most addicted to and then assess the potential solutions that would be important to your own success.

  1. Develop a Plan

Once you discover the parts of vaping that are significant for you, it’s time to develop your quit plan! Planning ahead on how to handle the tough times when it comes to triggers and cravings will only help keep you on track and increase your chances of success along this journey. When it comes to starting your plan, it is important to start with picking your quit date. Make sure the date isn’t near a stressful day. For example, don’t pick your quit date on the day of a test or big interview. However, it is important to make sure you pick a day within a week or two of knowing you want to quit - don't put it off for too long!

  1. Look at Your Future

Looking forward and visualizing your future without vaping can lead to you manifesting that reality. Imagine yourself vape-free and commit to your journey to quit. Think about all the money you will save: if you buy one pack of Juul pods a week, you’d save $1,040 in one year ($20 x 52 weeks)! What could you do with that money a year from now? Do you still plan on vaping when you have kids? What are you waiting for? There is no better time to quit than right now.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being aware. Be aware of your urges whenever you want to hit your vape. Figure out your habit cycle and repeat out loud the reason WHY you vape as you begin to cut down your vaping usage. Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean meditation. When you notice you have the desire to hit your vape, try the 4-7-8 technique: breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale forcefully for 8 seconds. Medical News Today dives deeper into this technique and explains its benefits.

  1. Set Dates to Quit

Quitting cold turkey is hard. Pick a date in the future and tell yourself you will quit by then regardless. Start with small victories by setting 1 day per week to not vape. Slowly increase the days per week that you don’t vape and continue to reduce your addiction so it’s easy to quit by your set date.

  1. Download a Vaping Cessation App

There are so many free apps for adults or teens you can find to download on your phone. These apps are geared towards different age groups so selecting the most appropriate app for your age will help you have the best success in your journey.

We highly recommend the Quit Vaping App. This free app is PACKED with several great features. It allows you to create a quit plan, keep a journal, do guided breathing exercises, see how much money you’re saving, quit with friends, and hold each other accountable using the Buddy System. It’s a great way to keep track of your progress and reminds you with notifications why you want to quit. Download it on the App Store today or check out their website to learn more.

  1. Clean Out Your Environment

This goes without saying. – if vapes are not easily accessible it is harder to give in to those cravings. Dispose of anything associated with vaping. Don’t forget to check all your “hiding” or “storage” places so your environment is completely vape-free.

  1. Find New Ways to Cope with Stressors

If you are like a lot of the people that are vaping, you have turned to your vape to cope with stress at one time or another. It is important for you to build ways to cope with your stressors without turning to nicotine or vaping as a solution. Deep breathing, visualization exercises, and journaling are all great coping mechanisms that are not destructive.

Try to keep your focus on one day at a time. Talking about your struggles and stress with someone from your support system, exercising, making sure you are taking time to do things you enjoy, and even learning to say “no” to things that make you feel stressed are great examples. Take the time to figure out what will work for you.

  1. The Power of Habit

This is a highly recommended book we suggest you read to learn more about habits. It focuses on catching yourself in a “habit loop” and can provide insight on how you can change your habit for vaping! Check it out on Amazon.

  1. Communicate Your Plan with Those Close to You

    The more support you have the better. The bigger the support system you have the better. Even if you feel those around you that vape have no interest in quitting, it doesn’t mean that they will not respect your interest and be more mindful of their behaviors around you. Who knows? They might watch your journey and jump on board with you some day. Regardless, sharing your plan with those close will only help in your success.

  2. The CAPNOS Zero

The thought of those sensations you get from the vape that you are struggling to leave behind is enough to make you want a hit. You know what I'm talking about. Just having the vape in your hand becomes a sense of security for many. Some miss the sensation of the “throat hit” or even just inhaling from the vape. Behavioral addiction can be just as hard to get over as the nicotine addiction. Well, it’s finally here. A better alternative to feeding the behavior of vaping while trying to break an addiction to nicotine. The Zero can make quitting more fun and less stressful. It can satisfy the desire for behaviors and sensations you miss, all with just the air you breathe and natural extract flavor options like mint, orange citrus, and lavender.

That concludes our best tips and tricks we’ve come across. There’s hundreds more, and we plan on publishing more content to help you along on your journey to quitting.

Let us know in the comments below if these tips were helpful or anything that has helped you quit or reduce your usage. Also, subscribe to our email list to stay fresh on our latest updates!

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