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“Our mission at CAPNOS is to prevent lung disease and save lives with a safe alternative to vaping.”


"I struggled with vaping for 5 years, beginning as a freshman in high school. I went through every new vape, but  finally said enough was enough. There had to be a better way to satisfy my habit.

People started dying from vaping in late 2019, so I knew something had to be done - a drastic change was needed, fast. I interviewed hundreds of vape users and learned that for many of us, vaping is a behavioral habit - the question became, how can we satisfy vaping urges without sacrificing our health, and in a cost-effective manner?

Thus, the CAPNOS Zero was born."

-Brendan Wang, Founder


Waking up. Hit the vape.
Go driving. Hit the vape.
Begin working. Hit the vape. 
Finish eating. Hit the vape. 
Lounging around. Hit the vape.
Going to bed. Hit the vape.

Vaping has become such a routine part of our lives. 
Why do we vape so often and why is it so hard to quit?

We've surveyed over 600 vape users and found that every 2 out of 3 people vape for an oral fixation or a desire to fidget with something; for many, vaping is a behavioral addiction.

We listened to user feedback and designed the CAPNOS Zero™ to satisfy those urges by using only air accompanied with flavored extracts.  In just the first week of using the CAPNOS Zero™, our beta testers already reduced their vaping by 50% and some have quit vaping altogether*. 

Join us in discovering how we can help people quit vaping with a solution that has zero smoke, zero nicotine, and zero harm.

*Results are not guaranteed to be replicated by every user.



Brendan Wang

Founder and CEO

Jake Roach

Co-Founder and CMO

Alec Cherrin