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We aim to help one million people quit vaping or smoking by 2027. We focus on the unique need for oral fixation cravings and stress relief alternatives to deliver an experience for anyone, anytime, anywhere..


We bring affordable, accessible quit products that can be used by youth and adults. Our products are not vapes, nor tobacco products, as only air is inhaled, yet can be used for quitting, stimming, or relief.


Our products are made to last, with a base unit being reusable forever. By Zeroing instead of vaping disposable devices or cigarettes, there is a direct effect on offsetting waste. We're in this together!



Brendan Wang was a high school freshman when he started vaping, and was then addicted for the next five years. In 2019, as a college sophomore, vaping deaths began occuring and his friends struggled to quit, despite apps, therapies, NRTs, and other solutions being available. 

However, there were virtually no solutions that could stimulate the enjoyable parts of vaping (tangible throat hit, auditory sound, and aroma) as a clean alternative, especially when a significant population has a behavioral craving. Brendan became obsessed with finding a solution, surveying thousands of vapers and smokers to become an expert on helping people quit successfully. 

During COVID-19, the CAPNOS team spent two years researching and developing the patent-pending Zero with multiple pilots yielding successful results, including Brendan being re-addicted to help himself quit vaping, yet again. In 2022, the Zero made its debut.

By early 2023, over 20,000 customers globally have purchased CAPNOS products to quit vaping or smoking. Physicians, pulmonologists, school administrators, parents, government officials, and especially our own customers have positively endorsed CAPNOS as an effective alternative for quitting vapes or cigarettes.

The team spans four continents and continues to grow in order to reach a portion of the one billion smokers globally, with 80% living in low-income regions, to prevent lung disease and save lives.



Vaping has become such a routine part of our lives. Why do we vape so often and why is it so hard to quit? 

We often start due to social inclinations. Our friends are engaging in smoking or vaping, so why feel left out? Other times, it's just curiosity. Perhaps, it's for stress relief. As many products contain high levels of nicotine, an addiction rapidly forms and we are often left relying on our vapes or cigarettes as crutches, needing to be readily available. 

Quickly the oral fixation habit occurs along with nicotine addiction. With the continued use of nicotine, the person builds a tolerance up. That means, more hits / pulls must occur to achieve anywhere near the satisfying buzz the brain feels the very first time of use. Eventually, the routine hand-to-mouth ritual becomes a behavioral addiction along with the physiological addiction of nicotine. The dependence then goes to nicotine and behavior of using the nicotine.

If we can replicate the behavior by breathing the air around us, then we can build mindful breathing habits that can ultimately be key in leading to your cessation success. 

*CAPNOS has surveyed thousands of potential and current customers to reach this understanding. Coupled with a pilot study that achieved 100% cessation success for nine tobacco quit clients, the team continues to advance scientific research on cessation applications from a behavioral lens. 







Brendan Wang

Founder and CEO

Loretta Imonikhe

Human Resources and Administrative Associate

Edin Mucic

Brand Development Specialist

Pierre Aguilar

Customer Success Specialist

Board of Advisors

Kavita Gunda Bouknight

MatchHealth CEO

Eric Achtyes, MD, MS

Chair of Psychiatry, WMU School of Medicine; Behavioral Health Director 

Mike Miller, PhD.

General Partner at Liquid 2 Ventures

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