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We hit our vapes when we woke up, between meals, during school or work, while driving, and realized we just craved a hit to satisfy an oral fixation. In this video, Founder and CEO Brendan Wang recounts why CAPNOS was created, along with a brief history of the team's impact, and the direction the team is headed toward. 

Vaping became expensive and we no longer wanted to sacrifice our health, especially as our only nicotine buzz came from the first hit of the day. Can you relate?



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We aim to help one million people quit vaping or smoking by 2027. We focus on the unique need for oral fixation cravings and stress relief alternatives to deliver an experience for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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We specialize in producing affordable, accessible behavioral aids that can be used by youth and adults. Our products are not vapes, nor tobacco products, as only air is inhaled, yet can be used for quitting, stimming, or relief.

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Our products are made to last, with a base unit being reusable for years. By Zeroing instead of vaping disposable devices or cigarettes, there is a direct effect on offsetting waste. We're in this together!



CAPNOS Founder and CEO, Brendan Wang, began vaping at 14 years old then became addicted for five years throughout high school and into college.
He started vaping due to curiosity, then began to crave nicotine. The social aspect kept him surrounded by vaping, and after developing a high tolerance for nicotine, the craving adapted to stress relief as a behavioral craving for an oral fixation. As a college sophomore in 2019, he would then survey thousands of other vapers and smokers to realize the vast majority want to quit, with the root craving being for a sensory dependence. Does this sound like you?

However, there were no solutions that could satisfy a throat hit, provide a sound, and flavor as a clean alternative to replace vaping. During COVID-19, a young team would then spend two years researching and developing the CAPNOS Zero, obsessed with testing the theory that a device like CAPNOS could help people successfully quit vaping or smoking more effectively than traditional solutions, while also being accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

In an early launch survey with 109 participants, 65% of customers Zeroing reported a significant reduction or success with quitting vaping, a result nearly 10x more effective than nicotine gum, which has a 6% success rate.


CAPNOS launched the CAPNOS Zero in January 2022. Flavored, replaceable Cap Packs were released in April 2022. The CAPNOS E-Z was later introduced in December 2022.

In the first two years of sales in 2022 and 2023, CAPNOS products were shipped to over 65 countries across the world. Over 60,000 devices have been delivered to tens of thousands of happy customers. The team would grow to reach four full-time members with over 20 part-time and contracted members across five continents.

CAPNOS is a registered LGTBE organization as a queer-led, Asian-American owned business operating in the United States. CAPNOS products have been endorsed by pulmonologists, physicians, school administrators, parents, government officials, youth, and by customers alike. The team takes pride in building an inclusive organization that provides affordable health solutions on the mission to prevent lung disease and save lives.

 In 2024, the new CAPNOS Legura and its Flavor Packs begin global deliveries for a premium, elevated Zeroing experience. CAPNOS is also introducing fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and additional locations to provide lower costs of fulfillment for customers around the world.


CAPNOS is focused on education advancement and providing greater accessibility for customers via new sales channels to help one million people quit vaping by 2027.

The team aims to partner with strategic retailers and distributors to bring CAPNOS into the global market. With over one million preventable annual deaths from the leading cause of death being smoking, building brand familiarity with regional, local access can be crucial toward community adoption among groups of smokers or vapers.

Partnerships with health insurance payers and quit programs would allow subsidized costs for greater access. Programs and customers save costs from expensive treatments by taking a proactive approach over a reactive one when health conditions can be too far gone.

Schools also recognize vaping is a rampant issue. Rather than just employing the “quit because it’s bad for you message,” CAPNOS believes that updated curriculum with educational resources on “how to recognize habits, patterns, and behaviors to create control” while having access to tangible tools for students could end the problem, rather than prolong it further.

CAPNOS is also committed to research opportunities to advance the understanding of sensory dependences attributed to vaping or smoking cravings. Behavioral cravings that arise as a result of prolonged nicotine usage deserves more attention to better understand how new innovations can be effective solutions for a complex system of desires.








Brendan Wang

Founder and CEO

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Chair of Psychiatry, WMU School of Medicine; Behavioral Health Director 

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