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“Our mission at CAPNOS is to prevent lung disease and save lives.”



Our focus is on helping prevent lung diseases and saving lives. We seek to understand the needs of our customers and how we can best provide value to you.


We strive to create the most effective, safest, and clean products to provide an affordable, accessible solution for our customers and partners.


We aim to offset disposable vape waste. We also value a minimal carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable practices to help preserve our planet's life as well.


"I struggled with vaping for 5 years, beginning as a high school freshman. I went through every new vape, but finally said enough was enough. There had to be a better way to satisfy my habit.

My friends started dying from vaping in late 2019, so I knew something had to be done - a drastic change was needed, fast. The question became: how can we effectively satisfy vaping urges without sacrificing our health and in a cost-effective manner, that's also cool?

Thus, the CAPNOS® Zero was born."

-Brendan Wang, Founder and CEO


Vaping has become such a routine part of our lives. 
Why do we vape so often and why is it so hard to quit?

For many, vaping is a behavioral addiction. We've surveyed over 1,000 vape users and found that every 2 in 3 people vape for an oral fixation or a desire to fidget with something. 

Customer-submitted data from our first launch reports that 83% of our customers found the CAPNOS Zero to be effective in satisfying oral fixations, with 78% saying it helps for vaping reduction, and 63% for stress relief.

We've discovered that it's not always about the nicotine. It's not always about the smoke. Sometimes, all we're really craving is something to inhale or fidget with. That's where we come in.


Brendan Wang

Founder and CEO

Alec Cherrin

Head of Data and Growth

John Hart

Content Lead


Kavita Gunda Bouknight

MatchHealth CEO

Melissa Mackey (MACK)

Global Innovation | Health Tech | VC | Branding

Eric Achtyes, MD

Behavioral Health Medical Director and Chair of Psychiatry at MSU

Omari Bouknight

Abbott DVP Structural Heart