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"The CAPNOS Zero is 100% comparable to ripping a vape. I love that it really does satisfy my urges to hit my vape."

Bri W. - College Student

"The Zero gets easier to hit with time after helping me develop better lung strength. It's a sufficient alternative for when my disposable vapes died."

Amer K. - College Student

"I especially enjoy every time I use the Zero. I'm actively replacing a bad habit with a safer, healthier one. I'm trying to transition to the Zero full time."

Jesse W. - Working Professional

The Zero does a good job of simulating airflow and mimicking a hit. It's already helped me cut back on vaping.

Christion E. - College Junior







The CAPNOS Zero®
is a flavored air pressurizer... 

 designed to be a behavioral aid.


1. HIT

Our unique valve is designed to pressurize the air around you and deliver a deep breath of flavored air to your lungs.

2. POP

Deep breaths of air can satisfy your desires, similar to hitting a vape. Each hit has a fun pop that activates the valve!


Exhale and enjoy the taste of your favorite flavors made from natural extracts. Feel satisfied knowing you're only hitting air!

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We used to vape... A LOT. So we know how hard it is to quit.

We needed a vape in our hands at all times.

We needed a vape to hit while lounging, working and socializing.

We were tired of spending too much money and sacrificing our health.

We knew there had to be a better alternative, so we set out to create the CAPNOS Zero®. 

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