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We know how difficult it can be to quit vaping.
The safe alternative is here.
Take control of your life with the CAPNOS Zero.

Zero Smoke

Zero Nicotine

Zero Harm


We know stress, boredom, party situations, and vaping habits.

The CAPNOS Zero has your back to help you satiate urges to vape or smoke.

The only thing going in your lungs is the air around you.

Choose from flavored caps like mint, mango, watermelon, blue raspberry and minty watermelon!

Take control and breathe better today with the CAPNOS Zero.

Our Story

“When I used to vape, I noticed I wasn’t addicted to the nicotine, but rather the habit of vaping itself. Research shows that’s the case for millions of other vape users too.

After more of my friends failed to quit, I thought there had to be a way to simulate the vaping experience with only… air!

The idea for CAPNOS was born in September 2019. Today, we continue working relentlessly to bring the Zero to market. We are committed to preventing lung diseases and to help vape users take their lives back from vaping.

-Brendan Wang, Founder

Students and adults struggling to quit vaping

Cases of vaping-related lung injuries


Be one of the first to receive the CAPNOS Zero when we launch!

If you or your friends are trying to quit, place your order today!

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