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How to Use Your CAPNOS® Zero with Unboxing and Instructions

So you just received your CAPNOS Zero...

Good news. It's not rocket science to figure out how to use the Zero because it really is such a simple product. 

    I think it's pretty obvious, but the Zero is NOT a vape, so you will not see smoke come out of the Zero. On the plus side, you can reuse the CAPNOS Zero base unit practically forever, as there is no charging involved.

    All right, let's dive in!

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    How to Add Flavoring:

    As you see, we use replaceable Cap Packs. Each one comes with a FlavorTube™ that contains the natural extract of your choosing. To add flavor,

    1. Unwrap the plastic seal around the cap and pull out one FlavorTube™.
    2. Remove the FlavorTube™ white cap, then twist off the tab underneath.
    3. Place the cap's two cotton wicks facing up, and squeeze one drop each.
    4. Test the flavor strength by inhaling through the mouthpiece.
    5. Add more drops as necessary to increase the strength of the flavor. 

    We include one FlavorTube™ per cap. Each cap should have a flavor lifespan of about two to four weeks, depending on how often you use the Zero. We recommend that you use CAPNOS FlavorTubes™ to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality natural extract flavoring for the best experience. 

    *Disclaimer: Though a tube might appear empty, it may actually not be! There should only be enough for about 8 drops. We are adding more in later batches!

    Here is our official unboxing and instructional video:

    Official CAPNOS® Starter Pack Unboxing + Instructions

    How to Get Full Experience From Your Zero

    When you hit a vape, do you also take in a deep secondary breath? Well, the Zero utilizes a similar principle, but to trigger that deep-hit sensation, you'll need to use a bit more lung strength. Here is how to puff your Zero correctly:

    1. Click the Cap into the Base and ensure an airtight seal.
    2. Inhale deeply from the chest/belly rather than just your mouth alone. This does require a bit of lung strength, but you want to hear the 'Pop!'
    3. Once the Zero 'pops,' continue inhaling for the deep hit sensation. The longer the hit, the greater the level of satisfaction. 

    Watch a 3-second demo video here:


    Choose the CAPNOS ZERO over a vape!


    If you may be familiar with meditation, deep breathing is highly encouraged as a way to help calm nerves, reduce stress, and help with focus. Since the Zero is a flavored, pressurized air inhaler, we hope that you can find similar benefits. 


    Do you have any other tips or tricks for getting the most out of your Zero?

    Please leave a comment below so others can benefit from that information as well!

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