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CAPNOS Legura Starter Pack

CAPNOS Legura Starter Pack

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This product is only available for pre-order. Please read the disclaimers below.

The CAPNOS Legura was created to become the ultimate flavored, pressurized air inhaler for oral fixations and behavioral cravings.

Available for pre-order exclusively on the CAPNOS website is the Gunmetal Gray x Zero Bite Cap package in the Legura Starter Pack. The Legura builds upon the fan-favorite CAPNOS Zero’s deep, lung-hit experience by now featuring an adjustable carb hole that can increase the valve air resistance by twisting the Bite Cap. Zeroing with the Legura is now quieter and more discreet as well.

Are you biting your nails? Grinding your teeth? Use the silicone Bite Cap as a solution! The Bite Cap can be used as a standalone product with the valve or attached to the Base to provide a flavorful experience.

NEW for the Legura are Flavor Packs. Curious to learn more about the flavor system? Have questions? Visit our Legura FAQ page here.

Approximate dimensions: 100mm height x 28mm diameter (similar to the bottom of Zero and E-Z) 

This Legura Starter Pack Includes:

1x CAPNOS Legura Base and Zero Bite Cap
1x Flavor Pack (Five pre-soaked wicks with natural extract flavoring. Each lasts 3-6         days)


The Legura is not a vape. This contains no battery and no electronics. There is no smoke, no nicotine, and no vape juice, meaning that this does not produce any vapor. The Legura can be washed with soap and water to last for years. 

* The product image shown is a computer rendering. The Legura you receive may have differences in color or finishes for the bite cap and adjustable crown. The listing will be adjusted with production images as updates are forthcoming.

** Pre-orders are 100% refundable until shipped. Delivery estimates are April 2024 for US customers and May 2024 for international customers. Please update your shipping address by March 2024 to ensure proper delivery.

*** We recommend placing a pre-order as the only item in the cart, as your order will not be processed until the Legura is in stock. If you are ordering in-stock items, please do so separately from the Legura to ensure timely delivery.

Our goal at CAPNOS is to help one million people quit vaping or quit smoking by 2027. In addition to our premium offering with the Legura, we offer a more affordable option with the CAPNOS Zero and E-Z. Check out our NEW Gift Box bundles for the holidays!

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