Taking the Cap Off: Everything You Need to Know About CAPNOS Flavors and Commitment for Safety

Taking the Cap Off: Everything You Need to Know About CAPNOS Flavors and Commitment for Safety

You’re scrolling through the CAPNOS website or social media pages and wondering, “What could be in those flavors and how do I know it’s safe at all?” If you’ve wondered that, then you have come to the right page.

To start, every CAPNOS product is shipped unflavored. Using our natural extracts is optional, as you are given a clean slate to use our products without any flavoring at all. If you choose to withhold from adding any flavors, then the Zero is completely safe to use, given that you will only just be breathing in the air around you when Zeroing. There are no inhalants present.

Should you choose to add any drops of natural extract, the extracts will be flavored via the olfactory system. Essentially, you are “mouth smelling” as the aroma provides the perception of the flavor. This is different from taste, which is on the tongue, as you are not inhaling any vapor or smoke that will coat your tongue. We source pure natural extracts that do not contain any vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (no VG or PG). Additionally, since there is no battery, nothing is being heated, so despite the extract being soaked into an organic cotton core, no vapor will be produced as does an e-cigarette. 


We take safety very seriously, having partnered with a third party lab to conduct a thorough Safety Data Sheet (SDS), using ISO 11014-2009 standards. We tested every flavored product (mint, orange citrus, and lavender) in March 2022, with results showing no toxicicity, carcinogenicity, irritation, or allergenicity. CAPNOS products are not considered dangerous goods, as vapes and cigarettes are.


Additionally, if you reference the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Volume 3, Part 182, you can find the entire list of substances generally recognized as safe. Within the list, peppermint, orange, and lavender are generally recognized as safe for their intended use. Given that natural extracts and essential oils are commonly used for aromatherapy, are in nasal inhalers and steamers, “Zeroing” (taking a puff or inhale of a CAPNOS Zero or E-Z) would be considered a much smarter choice in achieving harm reduction compared to vaping or smoking.


Many of our customers who quit vaping due to surgery procedures, are pregnant mothers, or at risk of health concerns use CAPNOS products as a clean alternative to quitting, whether with no flavor or with flavor. Of course, we recommend consulting with a physician or your doctor if you are unsure of any reactions with natural extract flavors or have difficulty breathing prior to using CAPNOS products. Some folks may have allergies or are sensitivities to certain ingredients, even if they are considered safe for the majority of people. Therefore, please take that into consideration when using any of the flavors. You can always test a small portion for a skin reaction prior to inhaling the aroma.


For details on product returns, please visit our FAQ page. 


Is there a flavor you wish to see in our product lineup? Have any ideas or suggestions? Send us your ideas by emailing us at hello@mycapnos.com or tag us in your posts and comments @mycapnos on social media! We take safety seriously and wish for our customers to enjoy the benefits of breathing air, with the added experience of having flavors that are loved and cherished. None of our efforts would be possible if not with the support of our customers and community - it’s why we work so hard to produce a high-quality experience that is affordable and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!



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