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The CAPNOS Zero help me cut down from using 1 vape pod a day to 1 pod a week. Hitting the Zero helped me realize the difference between my mental and physical addictions to vaping and nicotine. Starting to notice a big difference.

Sabreen A., College Sophomore

The Zero’s strong hit makes it more satisfying than my disposable vape. I hit it in the shower, while driving, and even at school. It’s so easy because there’s no smoke so nobody knows.

Amer K., High School Senior

When I’m hanging out or alone and I get the urge to vape, having this [Zero] really helps to feed the habit of just wanting to hit something.

Shane A., College Sophomore

The Zero does a good job of simulating airflow and mimicking a hit. It’s already helped me cut back on vaping.

Christion E., College Junior

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