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The CAPNOS® Starter Pack Bundle

The CAPNOS® Starter Pack Bundle

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This is the CAPNOS® Zero and E-Z, the flavored, pressurized air inhaler. It's designed to be used as a behavioral aid. With each pull, the valve pops open to mimic a deep-hit sensation.

Need something in your hand? Need something to hit? Want to quit? Feel satisfied knowing you can feel a similar relief to vaping without the guilt.


  • Mint-flavored replaceable cap (Zero)
  • Lavender-flavored replaceable cap (E-Z)
  • FlavorVials™ which contain natural extracts for fresh flavor
  • CAPNOS Zero and E-Z Bases, reusable for thousands of cycles
  • Recyclable packaging and materials
  • Ergonomic design. US utility and international patent-pending functionality
  • Can be used anywhere: in the office, classroom, bars, restaurants, on public transport (busses, trains, planes), in the shower... the list goes on!


  • 1x CAPNOS Zero Starter Pack (One base and one cap with mint FlavorVial™)
  • 1x CAPNOS E-Z Starter Pack (One base and one cap with lavender FlavorVial™)

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