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The CAPNOS® Zero Complete Bundle

The CAPNOS® Zero Complete Bundle

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This is the CAPNOS® Zero, the flavored, pressurized air inhaler. It's designed to be used as a behavioral aid. With each pull, the valve pops open to mimic a deep-hit sensation.

Need something in your hand? Need something to hit? Want to quit? Feel satisfied knowing you can feel a similar relief to vaping without the guilt.



  • Mint-flavored replaceable cap
  • Two Cap Packs (Mint and Orange Citrus) with two caps each.
  • FlavorTubes™ which contain natural extracts for fresh flavor (NEW IMPROVEMENT: twist off the top, then drip the oils into the Cap's wicks)
  • CAPNOS Zero Base, reusable for thousands of cycles
  • Recyclable packaging and materials
  • Ergonomic design. US utility and international patent-pending functionality
  • Can be used anywhere: in the office, classroom, bars, restaurants, on public transport (busses, trains, planes), in the shower... the list goes on!


  • 1x CAPNOS Zero Starter Pack (One base and one cap with FlavorTube™)
  • 1x CAPNOS Zero Orange Citrus Replacement Cap Pack (2x caps + 2 FlavorTubes™)
  • 1x CAPNOS Zero Mint Replacement Cap Pack (2x caps + 2 FlavorTubes™)

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Sensiba
Exactly what I needed

This product has made quitting smoking and vaping so much easier and more tolerable. I’ve tried to quit in the past and couldn’t get over the lack of oval stimulation when I tried in the past, thanks to this when I decided to quit recently it’s given me the oral stimulation I was missing without any nicotine. its really simple and works really well but if you’re used to hitting juuls and elf bars you might want the EZ model. Thanks to this I’ll hopefully never pick up another vape or cigarette again.


I love capnos!

So far so good!

So far so good! The Capnos provides the oral sensation of taking a "hit". It's lightly flavored, and obviously no vapor, so not quite as satisfying as a vape. But my favorite thing is that it's something to suck on - I don't feel the need to reach for my vape and chain vape, which has always been a problem for me.

Try the E-Z if the Zero Doesn't Do it For You

This is great method to help cut back on vaping. I suggest trying the EZ as the original one I got is hard to pull. It's definitely worth the money, though. Great oral fixation!

Christina W
Pleasantly Surprised! It’s Working for Me!

I wasn’t sure whether to get the Zero or the E-Z. I never took deep lung pulls, but ultimately decided on the Zero due to it having no battery. I’m really happy with my choice. I’m an ex smoker & then vaped for many years and finally quit cold turkey. I got the Capnos to avoid relapse. Ultimately, I try very hard not to use it because I’m trying to break the habit altogether, but I’m almost certain I would have relapsed by now had I not had this in times of severe craving and weak will. The resistance that it creates is really similar to vaping and the mint flavor is really refreshing! I’m really thankful there’s a product like this because quitting vaping has been a lot harder to quit than smoking.