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The Cap Pack - Orange Citrus Flavored

The Cap Pack - Orange Citrus Flavored

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Cap Packs are shipping on the first full week of March. You can place orders ahead of time as well, beginning March 01.

This is an orange citrus-flavored Cap Pack, which contains two replaceable caps for the CAPNOS® Zero or E-Z (Starter Pack purchase required for use with Cap Packs).

Each Cap Pack contains a FlavorVial that allows you to control how much lavender flavor you'd like. Caps will not have flavoring until you add in drops. 

Simply twist the top off, start with two (2) drops of extract per wick for 2-4 weeks of flavor, and add more for more flavor! The FlavorVial is filled about halfway, allowing for months of use, with each Cap to be replaced for freshness. 

Every cap is sealed to ensure that you are receiving an unopened cap. 

*The shipping delivery estimate provided in the checkout is only an estimate and order deliveries may be delayed during the holiday season.  

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