Letter from the CEO: Legura

Letter from the CEO: Legura

The CAPNOS® Legura is my proudest achievement. Eight years ago at the age of 16, I had a vaping addiction.

Now, just after my 24th birthday, I get to introduce to the world the most advanced, flavored behavioral aid to satisfy sensory dependences – it’s not a vape!

The Legura is the pro-max version of its predecessor, the Zero, in which we guarantee a throat-hit sensation with zero nicotine and flavors with zero smoke.

The Legura benefits with adjustable airflow pressure and flavor strength, with a silicone Bite Cap and a new Flavor Pack system housed in a premium Base. It’s fully waterproof too. 

On a personal note, this project has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. As part of my Chinese culture, the number eight (8) is considered the luckiest number, implying wealth, prosperity, or wisdom. This is relevant because:

  • 8 revisions led to the production-model Legura.
  • 8 revisions created the final packaging design.
  • 8 months is the time taken from initial conception to first customer deliveries.
  • 8 parts made up the Zero/E-Z, and now the Legura has 18 parts.

In my 10-week journey abroad to China, I reconnected with family members I had last seen in 2017, explored vast cityscapes with my loving partner, was welcomed to the family Christmas dinner with our Community Developer, Pierre Confiado, in the Philippines (congrats on the promotion), and worked diligently with our manufacturing partners to begin shipments before the Chinese New Year holiday break.

None of this would be possible if not for the efforts of a four-year relationship with our project manager, Xu Fei, and lead engineer, Xiang Long Zhou. As a visionary, I have vivid ideas with an eye for detail, but if not for the technical skills of our team members abroad, then an idea would only be that.

Extended thanks to our Brand Coordinator, Edin Mucic, for design assistance – I am excited to visit you in Bosnia and Herzegovina soon, where the name “Legura” is the Bosnian translation for the English word, “alloy.”

Global deliveries are expected to start in March 2024. The Legura is currently available for pre-order. For full details on the Legura, visit our blog post here.

We aim help one million people quit vaping by 2027. Finally, here’s now a premium device that anyone can use anywhere, anytime to satisfy those sensory cravings.

Check out my Behind the Scenes: Legura video to see how the production journey unfolded.


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