Everything You Need To Know About The New CAPNOS Legura

Everything You Need To Know About The New CAPNOS Legura

Get ready for an exclusive peek into the revolutionary CAPNOS Legura – not just an upgrade, but a game changer! Whether you've used the Zero, E-Z, or just gearing up for your quitting adventure, we have all the details on the groundbreaking CAPNOS Legura.

Five CAPNOS Legura boxes are laid side-by-side on a table in front of some plants.


Your voices matter to us, and we have been all ears. Your invaluable feedback guides our way, and our dedicated team has translated your insights into meaningful improvements. Your journey towards a healthier lifestyle is about to get a whole lot better with the CAPNOS Legura.

What's Inside the Box:

Your Legura starter pack is a treasure chest! Unbox a range of components:

  • 1x CAPNOS Legura Base and Bite Cap
  • 1x Blank non-flavored wick pre-installed.
  • 3x Flavor Packs (pre-soaked wicks with natural extract flavoring). Each lasts 7 days.
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Lanyard

    Inside liner of the CAPNOS Legura showing the Base, Bite Cap, Lanyard, Flavor Packs, and the Tweezer.

    Parts Guide specifically details what is included in the Legura and how to name the parts.

    Let's Dive In!

    To deliver a product that withstands the test of time, the Legura emerges as the pro-max version of its predecessor, the Zero. The fan-favorite feature of the Zero, a higher pressure throat-hit sensation with zero nicotine, now has premium upgrades. 

    “Legura,” translated from Bosnian, means “alloy” – a name that encapsulates the rugged durability and sleek design built into this device.

    Bite Cap and Crown:

    Do you have a nail-biting or chewing habit? Enter Legura's new Silicone Bite Cap: it’s food-grade, washable with soap, and your new go-to when cravings hit. It operates independently of the alloy Base by housing the throat-hit valve. 

    For those fidgety moments, meet the Crown. Accessibly with one hand, you can twist to hear satisfying clicks as the internal gears lock in place, while also controlling flavor strength.

    Six Steps: How to set up the CAPNOS Legura

    Dual Airflow Channels:

    Legura maintains its draw-activated essence and now features dual airflow channels for an improved experience. One channel comes from the bite cap through the resistance opening (RO), allowing air to pass through the valve. The flavor opening (FO) directs air through the flavor wicks, entering from the Crown. Experience satisfaction with Legura's dual airflow channels. For a robust flavor, close the RO and fully open the FO. Craving a fuller throat hit? Open both airflows and tap the RO – it's like covering up a carb hole to allow more or less airflow when clearing a hit.

    New Flavors Alert: An Exciting and Efficient Flavor System:

    Legura introduces Flavor Wicks, a pre-dropped wick system. Enjoy three new flavors in the starter pack – YUKAMINT for minty freshness, CITRUS TANGO for a refreshing citrus kick, and PEPPEBACCO, a unique blend of black pepper and tobacco for an elegant aroma. For the adventurous flavor enthusiasts, the Legura Starter Pack comes with blank wicks for DIY exploration. If you experience any allergic reactions or inflammation while using our flavors, discontinue use immediately. Please be aware that we are not liable for the results of custom mixing. Opting for a flavorless option is the safest choice.

    Flavor Breakdown:

    Flavor Guide page details everything there is to know about the Legura's flavor system.

    Comparison to the Zero:

    The Zero has been a reliable companion, aiding numerous people in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. As CAPNOS strides towards assisting a million vapers toward quitting by 2027, it's only natural that we've amped up our game with improved products. Enter the Legura, a device that retains the Zero's essence, but stands out in several key aspects. In summary,

    The Zero:

    • The innovative behavioral aid that has served its purpose well. The Zero features a single airflow channel, keeping things simple and straightforward.

    The Legura:

    • Features material upgrades including an alloy base and silicone bite cap, all of which can be washed with soap and water.
    • Introduces a dual airflow system for a more tailored experience.


    Use and Care along with FAQs and Tips about the Legura.

    In essence, while the Zero paved the way, the Legura emerges as a more sophisticated sibling, offering a blend of familiarity and innovation. It's this duality that sets it apart and caters to a spectrum of preferences. Whether you lean towards the tried-and-true or crave a taste of the new, the Legura brings a harmonious balance to the table.


    Ready to make the switch and experience the Legura revolution?

    Secure yours now and experience the future of alternatives to vaping. Your journey to a vape-free life starts with Legura – order yours today!

    Written by Pierre Aguilar. Revised by Brendan Wang & John Salvador.
    Last updated April 12, 2024 at 9am MT

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