A Day in the life Vaping. A Man in a tank top with his vape up to his lips.

A Day in the Life: Vaping

We used to vape around the clock… all the time. 

Almost every morning, we’d wake up and our first urge was to reach for our vapes, taking a hit to get our first and only nicotine buzz for the day. That craving occurred throughout the day while driving, walking, and even thinking about sacrificing time in class, desperate to feel the nicotine that won’t deliver the way it used to.

Eventually, we realized that it wasn’t actually the nicotine we were focused on anymore, but rather, it became automatic: we get a powerful urge to “take a hit” but couldn’t quite put our finger on why that was

For us, it became a question of “why am I still hitting this, even if I don’t feel a nicotine buzz anymore?”

This is how we first discovered the term “Oral Fixation.” 

First discovered by Sigmund Freud in the early 1900’s “oral fixation” was originally only thought to be caused by experiencing some unmet need as a child. Over the years, as psychologists and counselors worked together to understand and addressoral fixations in people, the definition expanded to include:

Oral Fixation is an obsessive, unhealthy behavior that involves the mouth, such as smoking, gum chewing/candy eating, nail-biting, and even excessive drinking.”

It all started to make sense. It’s no wonder we wanted to keep vaping even after the nicotine stopped giving us a buzz. It wasn’t the nicotine that we had a dependence on -it was the deep, throat-hit sensation and the hand-to-mouth motion that brought us value.

Once we realized that, we became obsessed with finding alternative solutions to address our cravings for an oral fixation, which could help us ween off vaping or quit altogether. Unfortunately, most products on the market that attempt to help are missing the core issue and often fall short on delivering a satisfying, alternative experience to vaping or smoking. Additionally, very few would talk about the behavioral addiction outside of the substance itself, which is where we come it.. 

We took it upon ourselves to build something a little different, and the CAPNOS Zero was born as a behavioral aid to help with those oral fixation cravings. . 

If you’d like additional resources on Oral Fixation or Behavioral Dependence, check out some of the linked resources below


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I quit smoking 4 years ago and am now trying desperately to quit vaping due to a serious health condition. I received my first ever capnos zero and have already been surprised by the similarity between using it and an actual vape. As someone who struggles with the nervous behavioral addiction aspect of using a vape, I think this product is going to change my life completely.


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