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How Do Behavioral Aids Help Me Quit Vaping?

What is a behavioral aid?

Behavioral aids are devices, affirmations, therapies, or anything else that can impact your behavior positively. When used properly, these tools can help you quit an unwanted habit.

In our case, we’re examining behavioral aids for the purpose of helping you quit vaping.

Examples of Behavioral Aids

For quitting vaping, some behavioral aids could be:

  • Receiving automated text messages / quit reminders
  • Talking with friends
  • Chewing straws / oral fixation devices
  • Seeing a psychotherapist

Behavioral aids can be powerful tools for helping smokers quit cigarettes for good and most likely the same is true for vapers looking to drop that habit.


Patrick Star asking: Is mayonnaise a behavioral aid?

We’re actually pretty sure mayonnaise is (or can be) a behavioral aid, feel free to ask about it in the comments.

How can a behavioral aid help me?

You know those gurus who preach that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it? They're totally full of crap, right?

As it turns out, there's truth to it and behavioral aids can reinforce commitment to your goals.

You are far more likely to quit and stay off of nicotine (or accomplish any goal) when you take action as opposed to just saying that you “will quit later.”

Behavioral aids help reinforce actionable goal-setting by deepening commitment to your goals through three dependencies of goal commitment:


  1. The importance of the expected outcomes of goal attainment and;

  2. Self-efficacy - one's belief that they are able to achieve the goals;

  3. Commitment to others - promises or engagements to others can strongly improve commitment


In fact, only about 5% of smoking quit attempts are successful without the use of nicotine replacement therapies or other quit products.

According to Mayo Clinic, your chances of quitting for good are much higher when combining behavioral aids such as therapy with quit-smoking products.

However, you need to ensure that the methods you select are what work for YOU.

Everyone is different and there is no reason that you need to use the same aid that worked for your friends or family. 

If you have an oral fixation, psychotherapy might be less useful than sucking a straw. If you have a psychological addiction to nicotine, the reverse may be true. 

For some, deep breathing techniques may be sufficient to provide the desired relaxation from vaping, thus acting as a behavioral aid.

We recommend you take inventory of the reasons you have been unsuccessful or challenged with quitting in the past. This should give you some clues as to the best type of aid for your needs.

If you need help thinking of something that would work for you, leave a comment below and we can help you find the best aid for your needs, together.

The Ultimate Vaping Cessation Tool

Since we launched our CAPNOS Zero™ Prototype Developer Program in late-August, we have already seen a 50% decrease in the average vaping habit of the whole group!

PDP cohort analysis showing almost a 50% decrease in vaping over the course of one week using the CAPNOS Zero™

Pretty crazy to see such a drop from only a week of usage!

Our testers have been using the CAPNOS Zero™ prototypes to try to cut back on vaping. 

We've been collecting feedback from a diverse selection of testers spanning from the ages of 19 to 43, with differing levels of vaping addiction starting in late August 2020. 

These results show a real improvement for vape users who struggle to quit.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our testers on their experiences:


"The CAPNOS Zero is 100% comparable to ripping a vape. I love that it really does satisfy my urges to hit my vape."

-Bri, College Student


"I especially enjoy that every time I use the Zero, I'm actively replacing a bad habit with a safer, healthier one. I'm trying to transition to the Zero full time."

-Jesse, Working Professional


"The Zero gets easier to hit with time after helping me develop better lung strength. It's a sufficient alternative for when my disposable vapes died."

-Amer, College Student


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