About Us



“Our mission at CAPNOS is to prevent lung disease and save lives with a safe alternative to vaping.”


“When I was addicted to vaping, I noticed that I wasn’t addicted to the nicotine, but rather the habit of vaping itself.

 After more of my friends tried quitting, I thought there had to be a way to simulate the vaping experience without the harmful side effects.

The idea for CAPNOS was born in September 2019. Today, we continue working relentlessly to bring this solution to the market. We are committed to our mission and will continue to innovate.”

-Brendan Wang, Founder

Our Solution


We know stress. We know boredom. We know party situations.

The CAPNOS Zero has your back. Our new safe alternative to vaping and smoking effectively satiates those desires to take the edge off and feel relaxed.

Our zero smoke, zero nicotine, zero harm approach ensures nothing is going into your lungs except the air around you.

No more deaths. This is your life. Take control today with the CAPNOS Zero.


The only thing you’d be inhaling is the air around you with the CAPNOS Zero. Feel satisfied with every hit knowing that you aren’t sacrificing your health.


Take a hit and hear it pop! Turn any stressful or boring moment into a fun one. Pick your favorite flavors like mint, mango, blue raspberry, watermelon, and minty watermelon! 


Eco-Friendly Design

The Zero is waterproof, durable, ergonomic, and effective. We source from suppliers that have a commitment for reducing environmental impacts.


We know the struggle with vaping because we’ve experienced it first-hand. Unlike big companies, we’re focused on giving our customers affordable prices and staying true to our mission of helping people.

Meet Our Team

Brendan Wang

Brendan Wang

Founder and CEO


Jake Roach

Jake Roach

Co-Founder and CMO


Alec Cherrin

Alec Cherrin